WASH in School

Water Sanitation & Hygiene

Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) in School aims at contributing to the right of every child to receive quality education including life skills education along with better health & sanitation facilities in schools. The program supports hand washing and hygiene practices among school children with a special focus on menstrual hygiene in girls.

The main objective of the program is to bring changes among behavior of the students by involving them actively in the process. WASH clubs were formed in the school, so that the trained students could take the leadership in initiating changes in the behaviors of their peers.

Duration– 2015- till present


Success Story

The facilitator conducted a session on sexual abuse with the students of 8th standard in Agarkar School in Somvarpeth. After the completion of the session a girl conveyed to the facilitator that she was unaware about the fact that touching of body parts in an inappropriate way can come under sexual abuse. She went up to the facilitator with a girl of 5th standard and said that, this girl stays with her grandparents and her grandfather touches her inappropriately at night or when her grandmother is not in the house. The victim confessed this to the girl of 8th standard but she did not know how to respond. This session made her aware about it and she immediately reported this to the facilitator.

The facilitator conducted a session with the victim. The victim stays with her grandparents (mother’s parents) and her parents stay in Uttar Pradesh. They are from the lower income background. In the session she was told about the concept of sexual abuse and its types. The facilitator interacted with the victim and conveyed her means of self-protection and defense.

In the next session the victim conveyed to the facilitator that her grandfather tried to abuse again her and this time she beat him with a stick. The facilitator gave her the child help line number and suggested her to seek help in an emergency situation. The facilitator also suggested her to speak about the instances of sexual abuse with her grandmother in front of her grandfather, so that he could realize that the victim knows about sexual abuse and how it is wrong.

After the intervention she is now aware about the concept of sexual abuse. Her grandfather has now stopped. The girl now knows the steps of self-defense. The facilitator is regularly providing support and counseling to her.