Talking to Adolescent about Reproductive Health and Gender

The TARANG module aids in empowering adolescents with appropriate knowledge and skills regarding physical and psychological changes during adolescence. It creates a space for students to express their concerns, thoughts and clarify their doubts related to sexual health. Thus, CYDA conducts the TARANG sessions in the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and Pune Municipal Corporation areas with the students of 8 th standard and 9 th standard.

The 7 day TARANG training program reached out to 5476 adolescents from 37 schools this year. It was able to indirectly reach out to 15000 students.



Impact Assessment of TARANG is regularly conducted in each school.

Success Story

Mahesh Gengne of Patashibai Ratanchandra Manikchandra Trust School participated in the All India Madanlal Khandelwal Essay Competition. Mahesh is blind and studies in the 9 th standard. He came first for his essay on Sex Education and won Rs.8,000/- as a prize. Children up to the age of 18 years from all over India participated in this competition and the school played a major role in motivating students to take part. Mahesh wrote his essay on sex education and how it is important for the blind. He said, “Sex Education is not a part of our syllabus and the information we have is often incorrect and insufficient. This can lead to mistakes in the future. Blind people feel they are socially disadvantaged because they are not educated about sex properly. They find it difficult to lead a normal life and are compelled to live their lives in constant fear. That’s why blind people should be provided with information on sex and its relevance. In our school, TARANG Workshops were conducted by CYDA. It was through these TARANG sessions that I understood the importance of sex education and how it helps the blind. My essay was based on what I learnt through these sessions. I learnt that I’m not disadvantaged socially just because I’m blind.”