Certificate in Counseling Skills

Counselling is an academic discipline wherein one person helps another through purposeful conversation. CYDA India in collaboration with TISS is introducing a Certificate course in Counseling Skills. The objectives of this course are to develop awareness and sensitivity to social realities and context of the ecosystem of individuals and society, about the process of individual change and personal growth with regard to self and others and to develop personal qualities and competencies to plan and engage in relevant helping and supportive interventions.

Diploma In Counseling skills

Counselling as an enabling and resilience-building process has tremendous significance in the modern day world. CYDA India in collaboration with TISS is introducing a Diploma Course in Counseling skills. The objective of this course is to systematically understand the purpose, scope, types, theories and approaches to counselling, to relate learner’s’ own roles and work settings so as to develop a greater awareness of ‘Self’ as a tool for change and to develop a deeper awareness of personal qualities, values and levels of competencies to plan and engage in relevant interventions for effective application of understanding and helping and counselling skills.

Certificate in Youth Leadership & Social Change

Youth leadership is the practice of teens exercising authority over themselves or others. Youth leadership has been elaborated upon as a theory of youth development in which young people gain skills and knowledge necessary to lead civic engagement, education reform and community organizing activities.

CYDA India is introducing a course for those engaging with youth and also youth themselves, to maximize social change. The certificate course for Youth leadership and Social Change is jointly certified by TISS and CYDA India.