ADP-Adolescent Development Program

ADOLESCENTS constitute 20% of the total population of India. Very often this group gets left out by the government and non-government agencies. The present system of education falls short in providing adeqaute life skills and counselling facilities to the students. The adolescent of rural and urban areas are deprived from basic facilities like pure drinking water, proper sanitization and hygienic environment. The situation becomes worse when they are not provided with minimum requirements like hand-washing platform and liquid, continuous water supply, etc.

Still in this 21 st century, adolescent are hesitant in discussing openly about reproductive health, sex education and all the other problems like peer pressure, love/attraction, addiction etc. As per research studies, there is a gap between facts and beliefs of adolescent girls regarding menstruation. This situation escalates when they do not get a supportive environment to discuss their issues and clarify their doubts and myths.

Therefore, to address all the issues, a wholistic program names as ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM has been introduced by CYDA. The program creates an environment in schools to address needs and issues of growing adolescents by providing adequate information and skills so they become responsible adults.Counselling facilities are also provided to adolescents of government schools that need someone to talk to.

ADP includes the following sub-projects:
2. TARANG Plus
3. WASH in School
4. WASH in Ashramshala

Through these projects we have been able to reach more than 27,304 people which included not only adolescents but also teachers and others in this year. This program was conducted in various areas like Ahmednagar district, PCMC and PMC areas.