CYDA was founded in 1999 by people who have considerable experience of working in the developmental sector. The founding members realized that after 50 years of Independence, though India was well integrated, marching towards progress, the approach to working with youth continued to be the same. On 10th January 1999, CYDA was founded as an organization focusing on the issues of young people in India. The strength of the organisation is to mobilize volunteers who can contribute to larger social change processes in the country.

Today CYDA is an organization- led by the young people from different languages, culture, education and religions representing different parts of India focusing oncore principles of Gender Equity, Human Rights, Plurality, Participation, Accountability and transparency. Last 20 years CYDA has reached out to over half a million young people in the state of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh through various programs.

Meet the Team

Executive Board Members

  • SE Bhelkey
  • Mathew Mattam
  • Vidya Kulkarni
  • MN Sanyal
  • Bina Thomas
  • Dr Anwar Shaikh
  • Pauline Joseph
  • Dilmeher Bhola, President
  • Matthew Mattam, Secretary
  • Priyanka Sharma, Treasurer
  • N Sanyal, Member
  • P Badgujar, Member
  • Nitesh Singroul, Member
  • Priya Kothari, Member
  • Pravin Jadhav
  • Jay Krishna Jaiki
  • Abhijit Girigosavi
  • Anand Sontake
  • Aarti Pande
  • Dipali Fale
  • Ganesh Panchal
  • Kalpesh Pande
  • Ramdas Jadhav
  • Santosh Kumbhar
  • Sonali Aadhe
  • Shravasti Salve
  • Sulakshna Sonawane
  • Swati Shirtar
  • Vikas Mhaske
  • Wasim Shaik
  • Yasodha Pujari
  • Soumyashree Mohanty
  • Apurv Porandwar
  • Ananya Borah
  • Hussein Ali
  • Nidhi Sen
  • Rameshwar Ratey
  • Shatruhun Sahu
  • Sangeeta Dhairya